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An integrated service offering

Around its core business, catering and living accommodations, CIS developed a broad range of services which allows it to provide its customers with "turnkey" solutions.


Transport & Supply

We implement rigorous procedures for evaluating and selecting international and local suppliers, adopting the sourcing channels to the needs of each operation, ensuring compliance, monitoring and verifying the logistics chain with the implementation of the appropriate electronic systems, storage standards specific to each country, and ensure transport for personnel and goods.



CIS' engineering expertise covers the partial or complete design of a remote site, the selection of equipment, organisation of orders, supervision of deliveries, assistance and project management, equipment tests and after-sales servicing. These services are achieved in line with budget constraints and health and safety rules.



Despite the logistical challenges and scale of the infrastructures, CIS is able to build high quality temporary structures for remote sites in difficult areas: preparation of the site, construction planning, coordination, oversight and delivery of the completed project.

base vie en construction

Multi-technical maintenance

CIS' qualified and certified staff insure building maintenance (painting, plumbing, etc.), equipment maintenance (electrical generators, low voltage switchboards, HVAC, etc.) and compound infrastructure repairs (buildings, equipment and vehicles).

photo CIS maintenance

Wastewater treatment and drinking water production

CIS assures wastewater treatment, manages drinking water purification systems and controls water quality in accordance with applicable international standards.
CIS also provides maintenance services for irrigation systems.


Groundskeeping and landscaping

CIS assures upkeep for green spaces, outside areas and snow removal on sites.

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Waste management

CIS' services cover the entire waste management cycle (collection, transportation, separation and incineration of domestic and/or industrial) originating from the compound and all waste categories (solid, liquid or gas form).

Benne à ordures

Access control

CIS proposes automated solutions for remote site access control and the use of materials. On all operating sites, CIS is able to adapt its information systems to customer needs.

access control 2

Fire safety

CIS assures fire safety measures for people and property.


Entertainment and leisure

For the well-being of the teams, CIS also has expertise in creating and organising activities at relaxation and recreational areas: outdoor and indoor sports facilities, film screening areas, libraries, convenience stores, special events.