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Our commitments

Our profession : catering. Our goal : quality 


Towards our customers

Customer satisfaction has been an absolute, constant and day to day priority for CIS. 36 million meals are served every year on all our sites in strict compliance with international food safety standards.

In line with our efforts towards continuous improvement, we have created several tools to measure our performance every month. In 2016, 96% of residents are satisfied with the services delivered by CIS.


Regarding quality of services

To ensure the highest level of service quality, CIS implements, on every operational site, a quality control programme and a QHSE monitoring system that meets international health and food safety standards.

CIS has initiated an awareness campaign to train and inform its customers about the risks resulting from over-consuming certain food products. The Group has also developed and implemented innovative nutritional programmes: Go for Green specifically designed to meet daily calorie requirements, as well as the H4U which consists in caring about the residents’ balanced diet.


Regarding safety

The safety of its employees is CIS Top priority, in all areas where the Group is operating. Each new employee receives safety training during work hours and information to raise awareness about the risks associated with his or her functions. 


Towards local populations

On all its subsidiaries, CIS implements CSR policies (Corporate Social Responsibility) to promote the economic and social development of the local populations, through training programmes for local staff and skill transfer from expatriates to local workers. 98% of CIS activities are assured by local employees.

CIS supports the local agriculture industry by developing partnerships with local suppliers. Several hundreds of local agricultural cooperatives are included in the CIS value chain: 95% of purchases are made locally for all products available.


Sustainable environment

To protect the environment, CIS implements sustainable solutions so that its services do not harm the natural surroundings.

CIS has introduced composting on many of its operations. Waste is destroyed and reused to fertilise the soil for new crops (cabbage, peppers, etc.) and therefore replace chemical fertilisers. Moreover, Group teams are testing a solution to dematerialise on-site QHSE inspections (QHSE data archiving solutions: temperature control, health, etc. on tablets).