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Given the activities of the CIS Group, its international dimension and cultural diversities that compose it, we are eager to share with all our employees throughout the world, whatever their functions and their origins, a common definition of our values, ambitions and ethics.


It is indeed essential that, individually and collectively, everyone acts and shares the same values of transparency, integrity and honesty within the Group. Respect for moral, deontological and ethical rules is necessary to ensure a climate of cohesion and mutual respect for all employees and must reinforce the trust of third parties, and in particular our customers, our suppliers, our partners, our shareholders, and all the people who participate to our activities and our development.

The Group has therefore deployed an anti-corruption program by issuing an Ethics Charter as early as 2004, defining the common core of rules to be respected by each. Going further in the process, and in accordance with the law n ° 2016-1691 of December 9, 2016 relating to the transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernization of the economic life, known as "Loi Sapin 2", the Group adhered in 2017 to the "Middlenext Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct", a product of the joint thinking of a group of companies - including CIS - committed to promoting business ethics.

It is therefore essential that everyone familiarises themselves with this Middlenext Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct and the Ethics Charter and comply with it in all circumstances. It is obviously not possible to deal comprehensively with all the situations that might arise. However, the principles set out in the Middlenext Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct and the Ethics Charter provide a baseline and give the spirit in which the situation must be addressed.

In addition, the CIS Group respects and adheres to:

- The principles of the UN Global Compact
- The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948;
- the principles of the International Labor Organization;
- The guiding principles of the OECD.
I thank each and every one of you for your constant ethical commitment and your compliance with the core values of the CIS Group.


Chairman & CEO



To ensure the good application of its Code of Conduct, CIS decided to provide to its employees and third parties a system respecting the confidentiality of the whistleblowers. If you were to observe, personally, in a disinterested manner and in good faith, a behavior or a practice appearing not to be compliant with the values stated in the Code of Conduct, we thank you to report it sending an e-mail to the address below:


 According to CNIL regulation (ref.2017-191), you can  access and modify your personal data asking to this e-mail.