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Policy statement on business and ethical conduct

Policy statement on substance abuse

It is the duty and policy of CIS to maintain a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all employees, contractors and any other individuals involved in its operations. CIS has a Zero Tolerance policy for persons either using or under influence of alcohol or illicit drugs in the work place, or when traveling to the work place. These individuals will be terminated from their employment immediately.
Possession, use, distribution, or sale of alcoholic alcohol or illicit drugs on company premises is strictly forbidden.

Policy statement on health - safety - environment

The single most important success factor for CIS is protecting the health and safety of all individuals who work on or are affected by project activities while currently maintaining the highest standards of environmental performance.
CIS is committed utilizing continuous improvement practices to achieve “Zero accident” performance. This commitment to excellence is demonstrated by operating in a first class manner that avoids or mitigates adverse health, safety and environmental impacts.
All levels of our organization will ensure commitments to health, safety and the environment are rigorously maintained. All workers will be required to comply with established policies and procedures. These policies have been developed to meet or exceed the legislative requirements.