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Our motto :

« Always be daring, sometimes make compromises, never give up ! »


« In an environment significantly impacted by declines in the oil and gas and mining sectors (representing a €15.7 million shortfall in revenue) and exchange rate depreciation, CIS showed good resilience and was successful in maintaining strong commercial momentum, with 8% growth in the order book to US$466 million in 2015, up from US$432 million in 2014.

CIS had annual revenue of €272 million, down 4.5%. At constant exchange rates, revenue for the period contracted marginally by 1.8% to €280 million.

As part of its "ARISE 500" strategic plan, CIS has implemented an offensive strategy with multiple growth drivers to increase its positions in the oil and gas, mining and major infrastructure project segments, reinforce its position as a provider of services for armed forces and accelerate development in high potential geographic markets by multiplying partnerships and making acquisitions.
I confirm the objective for the first phase of €500 million in sales revenue for the Group. »


Régis Arnoux
Chairman-CEO and founder of CIS